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Found on Amazon's AWS Marketplace Stealth ProxyBahn Private Proxy Servers A fast, turnkey, scalable and anonymizing HTTP cloud proxy server that sets up in minutes: Great for Google SERP checking applications, distributed unique IP http request threading, web application stress testing and obviously much more. Allows for anonymous internet browsing, scaling and cycling of public IPs requiring no instance configuration changes. Bind up to 4 IPs per micro instance in a 2 NIC VPC EC2 setup. Filter port access control using your EC2 Security Group, that's it! Need more than 4 public IPs? Scale your proxy network in multiples of 4 EIPs or 1 dynamic IP per AMI instance till your hearts content. Learn more about possible ProxyBahn configurations.

Don't have knowledgeable cloud management skills or resources?  Try our ProxyBahn SaaS solution, which now supports dynamic DNS!. Uses can be as simple as wanting to bypass online web surfing policies, to protecting your privacy at work and home. Or what I like best, power using proxies satisfying your SEO company's daily client search engine rank reporting needs without getting blocked by Google, Yahoo and Bing. Stealth ProxyBahn VPC4 allows desktop applications like WebCEO, Advanced Web Ranking, IBP, Scrapebox, Link Assistant, SEO Elite and more to query all major search engines using your keyword lists on a scheduled basis quickly without getting blocked ...

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